• 2 August 2017

    Private hospitals–Less waiting, less stress, and more choice

    People purchase private health insurance to have more control over their health care, the choice about the services they use and choice of doctor.

    Private health insurance gives them shorter wait times, choice of the timing of appointments, better quality of care and security or "peace of mind".


  • 2 August 2017

    Five myths about hearing aids

    For many people with significant hearing loss, hearing aids offer tremendous benefits however, there is also much confusion about how they help and who should have them. Here are five common myths about hearing aids.

    Myth 1 – I have a hearing loss, therefore, I need a hearing aid

    Truth - Not neces…

  • 2 August 2017

    Tickets, passport, money—and your mobile phone!

    If you’re heading overseas there are a few essentials you just shouldn’t leave home without. As well as your travel insurance, your mobile phone can help to keep you out of trouble so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

    • Load your travel insurance details on your phone. Include emergency contact (f…
  • 2 August 2017

    Had an accident? Where do you stand?

    If you have an accident that requires a hospital stay, you’re covered from the date you join TUH. 

    In most cases, we’ll ask you to complete some forms to help us assess your claim correctly, and check if your treatment should be covered by another source such as Workcover, sports Insurance or thir…

  • 2 August 2017

    TUH teams up with Cancer Council

    TUH and the Cancer Council of Queensland have joined together to enhance community wellbeing and quality of life and recognise the special role that teachers and educators play in promoting a healthier world.

    Every twenty minutes one Queenslander will be diagnosed with cancer. Evidence has shown th…

  • 16 May 2017

    Macular degeneration—are you at risk?

    Your eye works similar to a camera with the lens at the front of your eye focusing the image onto the retina at the back of the eye. The image is sent from the retina through the optic nerve and interpreted by your brain.

    The macula is the centre of the retina and is responsible for your central, de…