Why do premiums increase?

Australians have access to some of the best healthcare in the world. We want to keep it that way.

At TUH, maintaining the highest standard of care for our members is our number one priority. While we don’t like raising our rates, we hope that you’ll understand why.

There are two main reasons that drive premium costs.

Firstly, Australians are living longer. In fact, in the next 20 years, the '85 and over' population will more than double. As Australians age they'll face an increased risk of hip and knee replacement, heart disease, eye surgery and other serious conditions. We need to be prepared to meet the costs of keeping our members healthy and well for as long as possible.

Secondly, with medical technology and treatments improving rapidly, many services and procedures are now available that would not have been possible even ten years ago. The result is more
lives being saved and quality of life being improved. But, medical advancement comes at a cost.

For example, last year we paid 17% more in claims than the year before. And we were more than happy to. After all, it’s why we’re here.

Some of the more costly individual hospital admissions by age group we paid last financial year.

Please note that these costs do not include medical charges (i.e. doctor’s/specialist’s fees and some prostheses).

Maintaining the best value and services for our customers.

For TUH to continue giving you the best value and services, changes to premiums are necessary. However, because the health insurance industry is regulated, we must apply to the Minister for Health for approval so you’re assured that any changes are fair.

While our costs do have to increase, TUH has worked hard to keep our increases below the 'big name' health funds over the last five years, meaning any increases continue to come off a lower base rate.

Keeping the system fair in your best interest.

The amount of premium you pay is also affected by the amount the government contributes towards your health fund premium.

Since 2014, the government rebate on private health insurance has increased by only the Consumer Price Index (CPI) per annum, rather than the cost of health care. For example, the 30% private health insurance rebate in 2013 has decreased to 26.79% in 2016 which means you are affected not only by an increase from the health funds but a decrease in rebate from the government.

Be prepared with the right cover.

Private health insurance is about protection and peace of mind. While some people avoid health issues as they mature, others aren’t so fortunate.

Either way, no one can predict what's around the corner, so the best thing you can do is ensure you have adequate private cover should your situation change.

  • Cover for treatment by your own doctor.
  • Shorter waiting times for elective surgery.
  • Other services that are not offered by Medicare, such as..
    • dental
    • optical
    • physiotherapy
    • chiropractic
    • dietary advice
    • and some alternative therapies.

More for you.

Strive for Health
Strive for Health is our suite of health management programs that we offer you at no extra cost, such as counselling and chronic disease management.

Save on out-of-pockets
We help save on out-of-pocket costs for members by offering an Active Health Bonus on some covers. You can also save by using the Access Gap Scheme with doctors and contracts with hospitals across Australia.

We have a team of dentists and hygienists at our Health Hub in Fortitude Valley. And if you can’t get to us, we have a network of over 90 preferred dental practices across Queensland.

Optical discounts and offers
Members receive 30% discount on purchases at our Health Hub (including designer frames), plus discounts at OPSM, Laubman & Pank, Budget Eyeware and ProVision Optical Network.

We’ll continue to be the best choice.

We’re immensely proud to maintain one of the highest member retention and satisfaction rates in the country. 

As a member of the TUH family, you’ll continue to benefit from our value for money products and services, knowing that most of your premiums go back to you in the form of benefits. And we will continue to offer you the most competitive rates, and always look for ways to keep your hip pocket healthy too.

Because with TUH, we’re all together better.