Director elections 2018

The Board of Directors of Queensland Teachers’ Union Health Fund (TUH) invites nominations for three Director positions on the TUH Board. The election will be held at the Annual General Meeting of TUH, scheduled for 27 November 2018.  Elected Directors will serve for a minimum of three years.  To be eligible, nominees must fulfil one of the following sets of criteria:

  • 1 position – member of the Queensland Teachers Union of Employees (QTU), TUH Company Member and TUH Health Fund Policy Holder; or
  • 2 positions – not a member of, or employed by QTU or the Queensland Independent Education Union of Employees, not employed by TUH and meets the additional requirements in accordance with the TUH Constitution.

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the TUH Board will consider all applications and make recommendations to the Board, which will in turn make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting. The selection and appointment criteria, Nomination of Candidate Form and Fit and Responsible Assessment Form can be downloaded from the links below.

TUH Constitution
Director Nomination and Fit & Responsible Assessment Forms

Director Fit and Proper Policy

For further information contact the TUH Company Secretary on (07) 3259 5374.

Completed nomination forms must be received by TUH by 5pm on 24 August 2018.