Who’s who at TUH

Health Services

Care Coordination

One of our newest teams, Care Coordination, assists our members with promoting health and well-being, managing chronic disease and reducing or even avoiding time in hospital.


Beginning more than 30 years ago, our Dental team started as a humble 2 chair practice and blossomed into a 12-chair clinic and dental laboratory. With a team of more than fifty employees, consisting of dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, technicians and a health hub customer service officer, Dental is the largest family in TUH. Dental provides a huge, up to date, ethical and clinically proven range of dental services. With a strong focus on healthy smiles leading to healthy lives, our employees have skills, knowledge, and personalities to assist our members with every dental need, from preventive to pain relief to cosmetic and everything in between.

Eye Care

The TUH Eye Care team has a combined 180+ years of optical experience. Their goal is to provide the latest technologies in both frame and lens designs, using their extensive experience to assist our clientele with the selection and appropriate advice on all their eye care needs.

Health Hub Support Services

The Health Hub Support Services team consists of both Reception and Admin team members.  This team is the touch point for 500 members on average every day either via face to face, by phone or SMS. In any given interaction with a member, they can be taking a payment, making an appointment, processing a claim, contacting a provider, making a membership change or handling a general enquiry. Every day is different in the Health Hub, and the team love the variety.

Member Experience

Contact Centre

The Contact Centre team looks after both inbound and outbound calls.  Our inbound team takes an average of 500–600 calls per day! Enquiries can be anything from making an appointment in the Health Hub to someone wanting to join. They also respond to anywhere from 1500–2500 emails a month. Our Outbound team is also kept busy with contacting Marketing leads, contacting overflow Business Development leads, completing welcome calls to all members who join over the web or with a broker, and much more.


Marketing coordinates the production and distribution of a wide range of member communications (letters/emails/SMS), including rate rise information, tax statements, newsletters, promotions, etc. They coordinate marketing campaigns and promotional activities across the business whilst also maintaining the TUH website and social media pages. They design and coordinate the distribution of marketing material, including product brochures, the annual report, various flyers and ads.

Business Development

The Business Development team build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders. They visit schools and worksites to generate leads for conversion to sales, as well as attending conferences and creating awareness in the community about TUH. You might have even seen their friendly faces around South-East Queensland with their personalised avatars taking pride of place on their cars!  

Claims & Benefits

Claims assess and process general (also known as ancillary), medical and hospital claims. General claims are those claims not processed through HICAPS or by members using on-line members services. Medical claims are the payment of accounts from doctors and surgeons for in-hospital procedures, and hospital claims include accommodation, theatre fees, intensive care, coronary care and approved protheses.

The team also look after the administrative aspects of assessing pre-existing conditions and ex-gratia claims and investigate and arrange recoveries for Work Cover and Third Party (Accident) claims.


Membership are our experts in all behind the scenes member functions, managing everything from memberships and broker sales conversions to applying clearance certificates, processing cover changes, payment changes and anything else relative to a membership. Reporting on all of this information forms a big part of the teams’ role.

Strategy and Finance


The Audit team audit claims before and after payment in order to ensure we’re paying the correct amount as per legislation, fund rules and contracts. This team is currently expanding their focus from Hospital claim audits into Medical and Ancillary claims audits as well.  


The Finance team plays a vital role in the success of TUH by contributing to the day-to-day transactional and compliance processes, as well as delivering high-quality and interpretative data capable of driving business decisions. Whether it's membership growth results, product profitability, patient trends in the Health Hub or analysing what our members are claiming, Finance are the team in charge of ensuring the right people get the right information they need to make informed decisions.

Product & Analytics

The Product & Analytics team was formed in late 2016 to help support our current and future business decisions. This team manage product design and pricing, conduct analysis, monitor business performance and prepare reports. Not only do they manage TUH's data, they also manage the annual premium and benefit review. 

Risk & Governance

The Governance, Risk and Compliance team is small in number, but diverse in what they cover. The team’s core function is to help everyone identify, assess and manage the risks they face in achieving their team and TUH’s objectives. They monitor our legal obligations and how we comply with them and do their best to support our people in making better decisions. 

Support Services

People & Culture (P&C)

People & Culture (P&C) take care of all things recruitment (attraction) and retention, performance management, remuneration and benefits, learning and development, employee health, safety and wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, internal communications and everything in between. P&C are the people behind the activities that go into making TUH, the workplace that it is.

Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Services

The ICT Services team provides support to the organisation for hardware issues (PC, printer, etc.), software issues (Hambs, Titanium, e5, etc.), as well as general network and server connectivity for all employees. They manage major software and hardware upgrades to ensure TUH systems remain current and function at their optimum levels. Innovation, implementing new technologies and business systems, as well as driving business process improvement to meet TUH’s strategic goals are other key areas the ICT Services team focuses on.


The Facilities team provides the physical environment for TUH to be able to provide health services to members. They are an integral team within TUH as they are responsible for the efficient operation of all things property, from renovations of TUH owned buildings to the Security, fire evacuation/compliance, and 24/7 disaster recovery response; maintenance of employee amenities and building services such as bathrooms, lunchroom, workstations, meeting rooms, air conditioning and even dental machinery through to courier delivery services. Basically, everything that has to do with TUH.