Better benefits

  • We ranked top by members for trustworthiness, satisfaction, loyalty and likelihood to be recommended in a recent nation-wide survey of most health funds in Australia. Our contact centre scored 98% with members saying they had a good or great experience.
  • Our members say we provide value for money, are there when they need us and give them great service.
  • Our staff are not paid commissions so we will always act in our members’ best interests.
  • We returned more premiums to members than the industry average, in the form of benefits and service.
  • All our hospital products cover cardiac - we won’t compromise on quality.
  • We are run to benefit our members – not external shareholders.
  • We help save on out of pockets for members by offering an Active Health Bonus for extras on some of our products, Access Gap Scheme with doctors, contracts with hospitals across Australia, preferred dental providers across Queensland and health management programs.
  • With our App and online member portal, you can access a comprehensive range of member services when it’s convenient for you (24/7).
  • Travel benefit to support our regional members to gain access to healthcare in larger regional centres (selected covers).
  • You can use any optometrist in Australia, plus you get discounts at OPSM, OPSM Direct, Laubman & Pank and Budget Eyewear.
  • Brisbane Health Hub for members that offers dental, optical and allied health services.


Cardiac as standard

Cardiovascular disease affects one in six Australians or 3.72 million people.  It was the main cause for 518,563 hospitalisations in 2012/13 and played an additional role in another 680,000 hospitalisations.

While you may think “it’ll never happen to me”, according to the Heart Foundation, nine in ten adult Australians have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease and one in four (25%) have three or more risk factors.

With statistics like that, it pays to be prepared for the worst. In the event that you or a family member needs urgent hospital care for a heart attack or other form of heart disease, you’ll want access to quality care and no surprises.

At TUH, cardiac and cardiac related treatments are included on all our hospital products. Whether you choose a top hospital cover or budget option, you can be confident that you’re covered.  We don’t compromise on quality with our policies. You – and your health – are just too important.

Source: Heart Foundation Australia

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