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When it comes to health support programs, are you getting what you need to get and stay healthier for longer? 

TUH Trade Secrets highlights programs and support specifically tailored to your individual wellness needs, at your current stage of life.

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition, the team at TUH Health Care Services has the expertise to help you navigate the care and support you need. 

Find out more about our Health Support Programs here.

Getting out of hospital is great but staying out is even better. Recently been discharged from hospital and have complex health needs? Our Care Coordinator can assist in navigating health care services and find you the right support to assist in both your recovery and long-term wellness. 

We have contracts with a number of providers of programs that provide tailored treatment options to keep you out of hospital and help you recover sooner from your illness or operation, from the comfort of your own home. Available services include cardiac, orthopaedic, or respiratory rehabilitation programs, antibiotic therapy and even palliative care. 

If you have a chronic health condition, we can help you manage it, with support from dietitians, nurses, diabetes educators, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists, who can offer advice to suit your needs via video and phone call.

A weight loss program specifically designed for members living with osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, or a cardiovascular condition. Weight loss is achieved through phased use of low-calorie meal replacements, a gentle exercise plan, and unlimited support from a specialist healthcare team. Throughout the program you are taught the skills to maintain weight loss and manage your health to improve quality of life.

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Find out more about our Health Support Programs here.