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When it comes to health support programs, are you getting what you need to get and stay healthier for longer? 

TUH Trade Secrets highlights programs and support specifically tailored to your individual wellness needs, at your current stage of life.

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition, the team at TUH Health Care Services has the expertise to help you navigate the care and support you need. 

Find out more about our Health Support Programs here.

Recently been discharged from hospital and have complex health needs? Our Care Coordinator can assist in navigating health care services and find you the right support to assist in both your recovery and long-term wellness. 

We can work with your doctor and nursing staff, before or during your hospital stay, to develop a medically appropriate program for your recovery. Available services may include cardiac, orthopaedic, or respiratory rehabilitation programs, antibiotic therapy, and even palliative care. 

We can help you manage chronic health conditions with expert telephone support tailored to your health needs.  

This program is designed to reduce risk factors related to diagnosed osteoarthritis, diabetes, and heart health. Receive dedicated health coaching and online support while participating in the clinically proven intensive Kick Start™ Very Low-Calorie Diet. 

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Find out more about our Health Support Programs here.