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News • 26 July 2023

Restricted vs Open Health Funds

What is the Difference Between a Restricted Health Fund and an Open Health Fund?

Understanding health insurance can often seem like learning a new language. This is particularly true when comparing a Restricted Health Fund to an Open Health Fund. Teachers, for example, have unique options available, like TUH, a fund built off the back of the Queensland Teachers Union. By knowing the differences and understanding your eligibility, you can make an informed decision to get the most out of your health coverage.

Restricted vs Open Health Funds: A Comparative Overview
A Restricted Health Fund, such as the TUH, is a fund that caters to groups of people, such as those involved in specific industries or professions. Eligibility typically depends on you or a family member's affiliation with specific industries, professions, or unions.
On the other hand, an Open Health Fund is open to the public. Anyone can join these funds, regardless of their occupation or industry affiliation. 



Restricted Health Fund

Open Health Fund

Member Eligibility

Specific industry/profession or union affiliation required

Open to all, regardless of profession or industry


Often more comprehensive, targeting the specific needs of its members

Diverse range of benefits, but may not be as specialised


TUH, Police Health

Medibank, Bupa

Most Restricted Health Funds are not-for-profit, meaning they prioritise their members' needs above all else. This often results in a more personalised service, as they aim to cater to their specific member demographic.

Choosing between a Restricted Health Fund and an Open Health Fund ultimately depends on your individual circumstances, profession, and family’s needs. Whether you’re considering a family health fund or individual coverage, weighing your options, and understanding the differences can help you make the best decision for your situation.

Remember, the right health insurance for you is one that gives you peace of mind while offering the necessary cover for your healthcare needs. Whether that's with a Restricted Health Fund like TUH, or an Open Health Fund, the choice is personal and should be based on your unique needs and eligibility.

26 July 2023