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News • 07 June 2022

Time to celebrate!

It’s not often we stop and take a moment to pat ourselves on the back, but TUH Health Fund’s 50th anniversary provided a golden milestone worthy of reflection and celebration.

cathy mcguane, rob seljak and john battams with cake and balloons attendees at teachers union health 50th anniversary
crowd of TUH member attendees at teachers union health 50th anniversary
attendee painting at teachers union health 50th anniversary

In March 1972, a group of Queensland teachers from the Queensland Teachers Union got together to help fellow-teachers and the education community access first rate health insurance. Teachers’ Union Health was launched from a tiny, sparsely-furnished office in Brisbane’s CBD. The fund quickly grew from one staff member and some energetic volunteers to become one of Queensland’s trusted health funds and the dominant insurer in the Queensland market.

Fifty years on, TUH not only protects the health of Queensland Teachers Union members but all union members Australia wide. Our excellent record of service and satisfaction means that when members join, most stick with us for life. In fact, we still have over 200 members who joined within our first year of operations, and over four thousand who joined in the first five years. What an extraordinary achievement!

Foundation members and special guests joined the TUH board, executive and team to recall our humble beginnings when the fund was established by the Queensland Teachers Union who continue to be instrumental in the success of the fund today, and serving nearly 80,000 members across three brands: TUH, Union Health and the Health Hub.

Channel 7 personality and long-time friend of TUH, Pat Welsh, welcomed guests and ran proceedings. TUH Chair John Battams spoke of the value of union support through the years, and TUH CEO Rob Seljak shared the secret of our success: our incredible staff.

Award-winning artist Donna Gibb invited guests to add a brushstroke to her live artwork, which turned out to be a masterpiece we’ll treasure. Cathy McGuane, our Executive Manager of Member Experience, gave a vote of thanks to our members, staff and past and present directors, acknowledging that without them the fund would not be where we are today.

Thanks to all who helped us to celebrate on the night, especially our foundation members who have been with us since 1972. What a journey it’s been, and we look forward to many more years serving our members, who are at the heart of all we do.

Some fantastic professional photos were taken on the night. We invite you to take a look and download a virtual copy of our 50th anniversary book below.

07 June 2022