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News • 26 October 2023

What is Teachers Union Health (TUH) Health Insurance? 

TUH is an Australian private health insurer that falls into a category of insurers called “Restricted” funds. These are usually not-for-profit, member-owned health funds formed to support specific cohorts of individuals.

For TUH – and its sister brand, Union Health, this cohort includes current or former union members and their families. But what exactly is a union? A union is an organisation that represents the collective interests of workers in specific industries or professions. Unions fight for better working conditions, wages, and other benefits for their members. 

The Queensland Teachers Union, an organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights and benefits of educators, founded TUH over 50 years ago to provide teachers with access to a health fund designed specifically for teachers, providing tailored insurance options that cater to their specific needs. 

The health fund, while primarily designed for teachers, is also open to current or former union members and their families from various industries. This widespread eligibility makes TUH a prime choice for those looking for a values-based health fund.

What sets TUH apart from other health funds is its commitment to keeping health insurance simple, stress-free, and valuable to its members. Not only does TUH provide a range of hospital, extras, and combined cover policies to suit different lifestyles and budgets, but it also partners with a large selection of private hospitals across Australia, striving to provide its members with a range of no-gap services. 

Moreover, TUH offers a fast and easy claiming process through their app, with on-the-spot claiming for extras services at your healthcare provider's location. 

Through its commitment to quality products, customer service, and trustworthiness, it has solidified its position as one of the top three health funds in Australia for trust, quality products, customer service, as rated by IPSOS in 2021. More recently, TUH were awarded Private Health Insurer of the Year for 2022 in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards 2023.

Joining TUH is straightforward, with clear guidelines on health fund eligibility. All current or former union members and their families can join, making it a widely accessible option for those seeking Health Insurance. 

TUH offers a unique and highly beneficial service to Australian educators. By joining TUH, teachers gain access to a range of tailored health insurance options, supporting the well-being of their members. 

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26 October 2023