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Who Can Join

Our eligibility extends well beyond those directly employed as teachers.

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All Australian union members and their families can become TUH members.

TUH is open to a wide range of education-related professions, including academics, admin and support staff who are also union members. In fact, TUH membership is open to all current and former Australian union members and their families.

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Australian union members can join

If you are a current or former member of a recognised Australian union you can join TUH Health Fund.

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Family members can join

If you're a TUH member or a current or former member of a recognised Australian union, your family can also join TUH. If you're related to a current or former union member, you can join too.

Family includes:

  • Parent
  • Partner/Spouse (current or former)
  • Dependent child
  • Adult child
  • Grandchild
  • Sibling

Our members get:

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Fantastic value, high quality health cover

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Exclusive discounts on the brands you love

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Majority of premiums returned in the form of benefits and services*

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First class customer service*

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Allied health services at our Fortitude Valley Health Hub

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Access to numerous extras providers across Australia

*Based on results from the IPSOS Healthcare and Insurance Australia 2021 survey and the 2019 State of the Health Funds report.

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You can call our friendly local contact centre on 1300 360 701 or drop us your details and we'll call you!

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