Why join TUH?

Our members ranked us first for trustworthiness, satisfaction and advocacy in a nation-wide survey of health funds.* 

We are owned by our members

We don’t have shareholders. We are owned by our members, which means our profits go straight back into offering better products and services for you. We’re just a community of like-minded people working all together better.

We believe in providing quality

We cover cardiac on all our hospital products and have a range of quality products that will suit you through your different life stages.

Our members get more back

We pay approximately 88% of premiums back to members in the form of benefits and services, higher than the industry average.

A history of better health

We were started by a group of teachers wanting better health insurance. And while we now protect the health of Australians from a vast array of industries our approach is the same. We believe in fairness and everyone is treated as an individual, not a number. And while you’re busy looking after others, we’re busy looking after you. It’s how we stay all together better.

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*Ipsos Healthcare & Insurance Australia survey 2017.