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Why choose Silver+ Hospital Essentials

Enjoy shorter hospital wait times and a high level of care with Australian private hospitals. This cover stands alone or you can combine it with one of our extras covers to unlock your Active Health Bonus* to spend on extras out-of-pocket expenses – the choice is yours! *Bonus is not available with Basic Extras.


Comfort and care

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own doctor and which hospital you would like to attend.

Reduced medical costs

Enjoy lower or no out-of-pocket costs for in hospital specialist/doctor fees with Access Gap Cover.

Protect your health

Get cover for services such as cardiac, back, neck and spine and much more.

What's covered with Silver+ Hospital Essentials

For included services we provide medically necessary inpatient treatment, accommodation, theatre fees, intensive care and hospital medication. For restricted services we pay the default benefit for accommodation and no benefit for theatre fees.

Heart and vascular system

Back, neck and spine

Joint reconstructions

Digestive system

Gastrointestinal endoscopy

Hernia and appendix

Kidney and bladder

Lung and chest


Bone, joint, muscle

Brain and nervous system

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer

Breast surgery (medically necessary)

Dental surgery

This service is Restricted

Hospital psychiatric services

This service is Restricted

Palliative care


What's not covered with Silver+ Hospital Essentials

No benefit is payable on excluded services – including for accommodation or medical fees. Out-of-pocket costs may arise for some procedures such as robotic surgery, high-cost pharmacy or consumable items, or fees charged by medical professionals.

  • Assisted reproductive services
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Weight loss surgery
  • Cataracts


Why trust us with your health

As a member-owned and not-for-profit health fund, we give more back to members and have been providing quality health cover for teachers and the education community for over 50 years. 


We make managing your health insurance easy with our app


Get great value cover you won't regret with quality inclusions


We have an extensive network of contracted private hospitals

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This cover has a $400 or $750 excess to reduce premium costs. For more information on limits, waiting periods and pre-existing conditions please see the product guide.


Access Gap Cover is available with all TUH hospital policies and aims to eliminate or cap out-of-pocket medical costs incurred during hospital admission.  Medical costs are the fees your specialist or doctor charges you for your hospital treatment.  

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For new members or members upgrading their cover, a two month waiting period applies for all hospital services and home care programs. With the exception of pre-existing conditions, and pregnancy and birth, which have a 12 month waiting period.

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We have a network of contracted private hospitals that allows members to access covered services without additional costs. However, hospital contracts may vary and staying in a non-contracted hospital may incur out-of-pocket expenses.  You can view our contracted hospitals below.

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A pre-existing condition is an ailment or illness that existed before starting or upgrading your hospital cover. Even if the condition had not yet been diagnosed.

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