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News • 11 September 2020

There will be no premium rise for TUH members in October

This year has seen us all face some unique and unexpected challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, which have made us here at TUH even more determined to do what we can to support our members and their families when they need it most. 

A lot of people are asking "why do I need private health insurance at a time like this?" But we think there's never been a better time to make sure you have private health cover. 

So far this year, we've taken care of our members by offering financial hardship options, telehealth consultations and private hospital cover for COVID-19 patients on all our hospital options. That's added a level of comfort and reassurance to our members as we navigate our way through the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

And we know our members are appreciating the extra attention right now, when a lot of us are hurting the most. This is what our member Joyce Kuth told us:

I would like to thank you for these initiatives to help the TUH members through such difficult times. I have been a member for many, many years and still remember the support and assistance you gave my husband when his health was going downhill. You are a wonderful health fund. 

You may have heard a lot of talk recently about private health funds raising their premiums again. That talk is true, with major funds including Medibank, BUPA and NIB asking many of their members to pay more for their health insurance from October, but we've put our foot down and said no.

There will be no premium rise for TUH members before April 2021. 

That's right, TUH has announced we'll be putting our premiums up by a grand total of zero. Zilch. Zip. Nil. Nothing!

And we think that's really something!

But if you think we're willing to rest on our laurels with that massive benefit, think again. Not only are we costing our members no more, we're also offering extra savings. 

For new members, just join TUH before 31 October 2020, and we'll give you your second month absolutely free.*

It's a switch you won't regret, if comments by new member Alison Bussell are anything to go by:

My favourite hospital benefits company! I love you and since I transferred from NIB - same coverage - monthly savings. Thanks for the friendly online service. 

And of course, there's no way we'd forget about our loyal current members. To say thank you for sticking with us, we're offering a $100 eGift card every time you refer a friend who joins TUH.*

These perks are on top of the everyday competitive premiums and great service we offer.

Sarah Mau, one of our loyal members, wrote to us recently to thank us for providing great service as well as value for money.

The value of money through TUH is exceptional. I was able to get more benefits and pay less each pay cycle than with my other insurance provider. I found TUH helpful and friendly and they didn't try to oversell me products I didn't want or need. It was a friendlier experience overall than I had with my previous insurer.

Ah, thanks Sarah, we're blushing!

Even though 2020 has been a rough one, we know it's times like these we find out what we're truly made of. We're proud to be taking care of our members - we are ALWAYS putting our members first. 

We're looking forward to smoother sailing ahead, but we also know it always pays to be prepared for anything, and we're here for you every step of the way.

Perhaps our member Marzena Clarke puts it best when she says:

Thank you TUH Health Fund! You are the best!

*Terms and conditions apply.

11 September 2020