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News • 17 May 2021

Tax time for teachers

Tax time’s just around the corner and, if you turned 31 this financial year or if your earnings are over $90,000 per year, you may be financially impacted if you don’t have health insurance. Here’s why.

Turned 31 recently?

You’ve reached a critical age for private hospital insurance. The Australian Government applies a levy – called Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading - on top of your premium if you put off getting private hospital insurance beyond age 30. 
This loading increases hospital premiums by 2% for each year you are over 30 when you join. For example, if you join when you’re 40, you’ll pay a 20% loading on your hospital premium. If you wait until you’re 50, you could pay 40% more, and so on, up to a maximum of 70%.
To avoid paying a higher premium, you’d need to get hospital cover by 30 June following your 31st birthday.

Growing your income?

As your income increases, you may need to pay an extra Medicare levy (on top of the 2% you already pay) if you don’t have private hospital cover. How much extra depends on your income and personal circumstances, as shown below. 

Medicare Levy Surcharge

TUH MLS table

Getting hospital cover will save you from paying this extra tax – and you may even qualify for a government rebate on your premiums to help you pay for it. 
Right now’s a great time to take out private health insurance with TUH – the health fund for the education community and their families. We’re 100% member-owned and all about your health, not shareholders’ wealth. 
For information about what you can claim this year, read the ATO ‘s guide for teachers and education professionals at

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17 May 2021