Australian Government Rebate

Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance

To make private health insurance more affordable, the government provides a rebate on private health insurance premiums. The rebate you receive depends on your age (persons over 65 receive a higher rebate) and your household income. You must be eligible for Medicare benefits to qualify for the rebate.

There are two ways to receive the rebate:

  • To reduce your premium - You can use the rebate to reduce your health insurance premium for any financial year. Just log in to Member Services Online to accept your Government Rebate form. We'll look after the rest.

  • As a tax rebate in your annual tax return - You can claim the health insurance rebate at the end of the financial year in your individual income tax return. TUH will send you a statement at the end of the financial year to help you with your tax return.

For more information on the rebate visit the Australian Government's website.