New to TUH?

If this is your first private health insurance policy with us here are a few things you should know up front


In Australia, Medicare covers most Australian residents for health care. However, Medicare does not cover everything and you can choose to take out private health insurance to give yourself a wider range of health care options and more comprehensive cover.


Your membership starts on your join date.

Your membership card is included in your membership pack. You'll need it to claim, so keep it handy. If you lose it, contact us and we’ll replace it. You'll be unable to use your old one should you find this again.

Membership categories

Single membership covers one adult only.

Single parent membership covers one adult and their dependants.

Couple membership covers one adult and their partner or two adults living in the same household.

Family membership covers one adult and their partner or two adults living in the same household; and their dependants.

Who is the "policy holder"?

The policy holder is the person in whose name the membership is held and the person who holds the legal responsibility for the membership. Only the policy holder can terminate the membership. See "Spouse/partner authority".

How to claim

You can make claims or other transactions once your first payment has been received.

There are waiting periods on your cover, which means that you may have to be a member for a period of time before you can make a claim. Waiting periods can vary between different services so refer to your product brochure for details.

More on how to claim


Your health insurance premiums are payable in advance. Your membership payments must be up to date to enable you to make claims. Your membership will automatically cease if your payments are more than two months in arrears.

If you are experiencing difficulty in making regular payments, please contact us to discuss payment options.

The following payments methods are available:

  • Direct debit - Payments can be debited fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and half-yearly. 
  • Credit card - Payments can be charged monthly, quarterly and half-yearly. 
  • Accounts - Accounts are sent monthly, quarterly and half-yearly.

Payment methods include: