Dental preferred providers

TUH has a network of preferred provider dentists across Queensland to improve health care services to our members. These providers charge an agreed fee per service which is generally lower than non-preferred dental providers.

Preventive dental

Members on any extras cover (excluding Basic Extras) can get preventive dental treatment with no out-of-pockets. This includes basic examinations, x-rays*, scaling and cleaning (items 011, 012, 013, 022*, 074, 111, 113, 114, 115 and 121).

For members on Gold Ultimate Choice, Gold Easy Choice, Comprehensive Extras and Family Extras, there's no limit on the number of preventive treatments with no out-of-pockets.

For members on Silver+ Active Choice, Bronze+ Young Choice and Mid Range Extras, preventive treatments are no out-of-pockets up to your annual general dental limit. 

Members with Basic Extras have lower out-of-pocket costs** for preventive dental up to your annual limit.

As an extra service all of these providers use HICAPS, so you can claim your health fund benefit on the spot.

Preferred providers are not employees of, and have no association with, TUH. Each practice is solely responsible for any warranties for work they perform. If you are concerned or dissatisfied with the dental work you receive, please view our complaints and concerns page.

 *First x-ray only. Subsequent x-rays will incur a gap fee.
**Compared with non-preferred providers.

Please note: The following practices have agreed to join our network, however individual dentists within the practices may choose not to participate. When this occurs out of pocket costs may apply. We recommend checking with the practice at the time of booking to ensure that your dentist has agreed to participate as a TUH Preferred Provider.

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