Hospital types - and why it matters

Private or public hospitals:

You can choose treatment as a private patient in either a private or a public hospital. We have agreed rates with our large network of contracted hospitals, which don't include public hospitals. Therefore, if you choose to stay as a private patient in a public hospital it may result in higher costs to TUH which, in the long term, will affect your premiums. You can confirm the costs with the hospital prior to admission. 

You can also opt to be treated as a public patient in a public hospital at no charge, even if you have private health insurance.

Contracted hospitals:

TUH has contracts with an extensive network of hospitals. These contracts enable us to pay in line with the Private Health Insurance Act for services included on your cover (less any applicable excess). We pay benefits in accordance with each individual hospital contract.

Your level and type of cover and the financial status of your membership will affect the amount TUH will reimburse to the hospital. We strongly recommend you contact us to confirm your benefit entitlement prior to receiving hospital treatment.

Please note Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital is now St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside.

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Non-contracted hospitals:

If you choose to be admitted to one of these hospitals we will pay a lower benefit and you may be required to contribute to the cost. More information